Tottenham Hotspur: Angry Fans To Protest Against “Stratford Hotspur”

Tottenham Hotspur: Angry Fans To Protest Against "Stratford Hotspur"

Tottenham Hotspur: Angry Fans To Protest Against "Stratford Hotspur" (Image via Wikipedia)

Tottenham Hotspur supporters are organising a protest against a proposed move to the Olympic Stadium.

Sours have been shortlisted, alongside West Ham, to take over at the venue following the games in 2012, but a group of fans is more than unhappy about their club moving to a different part of London.

Tim Framp, who started the “We are N17″ group has been gathering signatures under his petition -  “Say No to “Stratford Hotspur” and even has David Lammy, the local MP, on his side.

Framp said: “We don’t want to go anywhere else, it’s all about staying in Tottenham.

“Spurs is really embedded in the community. Tottenham is quite a deprived area and by pulling out the long-term outlook for that area is relatively bleak. It’s quite bleak anyway.

“By moving you disconnect the club from the history that it has built up until now.”

His group is also planning a march down Tottenham High Street ahead of the game against Chelsea, on 12th December.

Tottenham have had a planning application for a brand new stadium in North London approved by Haringey Council last month, but by moving to the Olympic Stadium they could save a lot of money.


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